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Q: Can't figure out how to get item data from a SignalR callback I'm using SignalR's PersistentConnection class to keep a track of connections for my chat room. I'm able to track all the connections, but when one of them disconnects I'm not able to figure out how to retrieve the item data. The connection object doesn't provide any way to get the item from the itemHub since they implement IDisposable. public class ChatRoomPersistentConnection : PersistentConnection { private ChatRoomPersistentItemHub itemHub; private readonly ChatRoomPersistentConnectionManager connectionManager; public ChatRoomPersistentConnection(ChatRoomPersistentConnectionManager connectionManager) : base("ChatRoomPersistentConnection") { this.connectionManager = connectionManager; } public override void Dispose() try { if (itemHub!= null) { itemHub.Unsubscribe(); } } finally base.Dispose(); public override Task OnReceived(string item) // Unsubscribe the old connection if it exists if (itemHub!= null) itemHub.Unsubscribe(); var connection = new ChatRoomPersistentItemHub(connectionManager, item, itemHub); connection.Start(message => connection.Unsubscribe();



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